Blubo Card Game!

Be the first to finish the cards in your hand, make your opponents draw additional cards, defend yourself with the shield and choose the strategy to use with cards that have special abilities!

Contains: 90 playing cards, instructions.

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Gioco di carte Blubo
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18 November 2015

Hearthstone, new expansion: The Grand tournament

We welcome the new expansion of Hearthstone "The Grand tournament" with no less than 132 new cards that will enrich your collection. You can find new weapons, spells and samples glorious, all in chivalry. We invite you to explore this new expansion sites in the official Blizzard. Aprofittiamo to communicate to all fans of the world Heartstone that Blubo is a nice card game on paper to share pleasant moments with friends and family. Learn to play easily with our video tutorials.
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